Dressing the part


My journey so far………

After spending six years at the prestigious Obafemi
Awolowo University, OAU, Greaaatesst ife, sosi great sha?
Is it still great? Well I graduated sometime this year and
unfortunately I have not been mobilized for the compulsory
NYSC (you all have an idea what that means). The school is
ranked top in Nigeria, God knows best!!

As I await service, I still dey here dey wait ooo, I refuse(d) to stay idle… you know why now? Or u wan b workshop for Mr. Dee? I sew, and I sell cosmetics plus body care products.

Anyway, through a friend I got this link http://www.lagosignite.com, I did not waste so much time registering, and fortunately I was shortlisted for the interview. Fast forward to the date of the interview, I had to come down to “Lasgidi” – Lagos state, wrote a test, after which I was interviewed.

‘U must wear a tie ooooo’ One guy kept hammering, but I didnt wear one from home, so wetin man go com do now? Fast track a few hours ahead, it was almost my turn when a lady told me ‘don’t sit if you are not offered a seat’… in my mind, “why all the wahala when no b say dem
wan pay me for the training”.

After the interview, I joined my friends downstairs and we
all headed to our various homes.

‘Congratulations!! You qualified for the Lagosignite ETP
Orientation stream8, ABSENCE IS FORFIETURE!!

That was the message I received on Monday morning… wetin I find com Lagos before, wey I go come absent nau?? I was excited sha, but them no dey pay us, (even though we eat free lunch every day) Oshodi to Ikoyi every day, na so I dey waka am.

Usually I don’t do this, but no b say I get choice, na so dem
say make we create blog ooo. My journey continues……

Dressing the part

•Self awareness can briefly be defined as having a clear
perception of your personality including strength,
weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions.

•Self awareness helps you understand other people, how
they perceive you, your attitude and response to them in
the moment; the better u know yourself, the more greater
your ability to consciously decide what you think, feel, and
do rather than leaving a trail of destruction.

After a class with Victor Banjo, I could understand why
many graduates find it difficult securing a job, not one
person was able to identify either the mission statement or
vision of that dream organization where they wish to work.

•An organization is basically a group of people, striving
towards a common goal and in this process they control
their own performance and have a boundary that
separates them from their environment.
•Do you know why organizations exist?

‘Lolu Mogaji describes a brand as “a promise” and
furthermore, a promise of an experience; this is not created
overnight, it develops overtime; these I found out at least
after a few hours. Read more online on how to be best
dressed for an interview. But if u hurriedly wear a black suit,
a black tie, a white shirt, a black belt and a black shoe, you
definitely cannot go wrong. Na for guys be dat oo.

•Brands are therefore reputational assets based on
powerfully held beliefs, they drive the understanding of
value on a product or company and perhaps most
importantly customer loyalty.

Tunde Ojikutu emphasized the relationship between IQ
and EQ, of which a reasonable balance between the two will see you build a successful career. Do your own research and the figures will shed more light on which is more important……make I no bust the bubble.

•Intelligence quotient is a person’s ability to understand,
read, and knowledge generally; Whereas emotional quotient measures how a person recognizes emotions in self and others and manages this emotions in all states to work better as a team or group.

•Global awareness involves a recognition and appreciation of the size, complexity and diversity of the earth as conceived as a single entity. I have been to a few states within Nigeria, plus one or two African countries, but in my big brother Nigeria, I have never stopped to ask myself these questions;

•Am I aware of my environment?
•Do I have basic information to function within the fast
changing global trends?
•To be globally aware u need to know your ignorance of the
world and be ready to pursue the knowledge to overcome
it. Step up your game and take charge of your environment
and even beyond.

After a class quiz on global awareness, if you ended up like
me eh? smh (shake my head) I laugh in Spanish…because I did not get one question right!! On getting home that day, Power Holding Company of Nigeria don cut wire wey carry light enter our flat.

If you don’t know why, me I can’t shout. Now am writing this piece at the end of the corridor of a neighbor, just so I can finish up against a deadline, and if the light goes off, this desktop (it’s a laptop without battery) will automatically follow suit.

Ask me if I read books, lai lai… if it’s not business and money
forget it. “He finished with a third class but he employs first class graduates”, na beans?? Stop saying ‘someone is doing me’, just quit giving excuses…. Now I listen to Smooth 98.1 fm 7am daily. It can only get better.

Jobberman ko, Jobberwoman ni, either way they are good at what they do, after some tips from the author of ‘Getting a job is a job’ you should get calls for job interviews. Fast track ahead, after a 5 hours lecture on how to write a good CV, I am supposed to graduate from AGDC (after school graduate development center) with a job in any company of my choice.

Consequently, I have learnt that these recruiters don’t have
time like Time magazine, so identify your selling point using
your CV, and I bet you will move on to the next line of my
piece and probably get an interview session somehow.

Your CV must have successfully passed the first reading before you get a shot at the interview, but have the following in mind.

•Do a research about the company,
•Choose your clothes ahead,
•Locate the address before your interview date,
•Remember the position you applied for,
•Develop concise answers to likely questions,
•You can also find a staff of the company to give you a brief about previous projects and achievements of the company and how your skills fit in….

One of our oga’s at the top; Brian, is the brain behind these set of guidelines sha o….but let me add that you must have an excellent communication skill coupled with the guidelines.

If u do not get that job, follow @GodblessTubure, if your
are so eager you will need to calm down, just calllmmm
dowwnnn… I dint say he will give u a job though.

To whom brain is given sense is expected

Composed by Jesumayowa Ajidahun

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